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This free series of seven monthly webinars will be led by Advantary’s highly experienced Silicon Valley startup experts who have founded dozens of companies, raised hundreds of millions of dollars, and have had many successful exits. Mojo PSG, Multi-Innovation, and other top Silicon Valley service providers will contribute to this first of a six-part webinar series on how to successfully enter the US market. Supported by New Zealand Trade and Enterprise. 
Through the webinars outlined below you will learn the essential factors for a successful US market entry, anticipate critical risk factors and how to mitigate them, and meet some of Silicon Valley’s best service providers to accelerate success. Each interactive Zoom webinar will focus on the specific topic listed below.
July 8
(July 9 A/NZ)
August 12
(August 13 A/NZ)
September 9
(September 10 A/NZ)
October 7
(October 8 A/NZ)
October 14
(October 15 A/NZ)
November 11
(November 12 A/NZ)
December 10
(December 11 A/NZ)
April 2020
Entering the US 101
Know the who, what, where of the US market
Nail a Niche, Find A Focus
Land and expand. How to find your beachhead and get moving
Validating the Market and Strategy Before You Land
Validate your niche and find your fans
How IP Can Protect Your Business
What you need to know about IP
Strategies for Finding and Managing Your US Team
Draft a winning team and coaches to capture wins
Sourcing and Selecting Your Service Providers
​Identify the right, reliable resources that save time and money and give you the edge
Fundraising - Mastering the Dark Arts
Spark the interest of the best backers in the Valley
Advantary Global Summit
Accelerate your growth and prepare for a successful entrance to the US market 
Stephen Kuhn of Advantary
Entrepreneur, Veteran of 9 Startups, Fundraising, M&A, BD, Strategy, Finance, Operations
Angel Orrantia of Advantary
Entrepreneur, VC, Legal/Intellectual Property Expert, Brilliant Engineer
Adam Marchick of Advantary
Entrepreneur, VC, Operations, Product and BD Guru
Magan Arthur of Mojo
Entrepreneur, Startup Veteran, Marketing, BD, Go-To-Market Strategy
F. Andy Seidl of Advantary
Serial Software Entrepreneur, Information/Platform Architect, Tech Strategist, Design Thinker
Po Chi Wu of Advantary
Experienced Mentor, Guide, VC and Mentor to Many Startups and Unicorns
Shmuel Silverman of Multi-Innovation Business
Patent Whisperer and Strategist 
Alan Kucheck of Advantary
Entrepreneur, Mentor, Cross-Border Engineering Management Wizard, and Beer Lover
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